Prepare for Trump as president

^457BD4F995376B7F5C7FF7F16A9EB98BFEEA0DECF8DEFD2D5B^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrFirst of all our research shows that we are in the middle of a corrective phase of a long term cycle resulting in a difficult, chaotic and corrective period that will continue until half cheap jerseys 2017 or a little bit longer.
This longer cycle pinpointed market tops and bottoms numerous times at the end / beginning of the cycle as well as hectic disturbances in between when the cycle was building to completion. Examples of the end of the cycle Hello are 1929, the seventies and the period around 9/11, culminating in the low of the markets in 2003.The period we have entered, starting around the beginning of 2015, is comparable to the same phase of the cycle at the end of seventies of the 20th century. Back then we witnessed several recessions, the watergate scandal, short term interest rates rising to 18% in the USA and an explosion in gold and silver prices. If history wholesale jerseys China repeats itself, which is the case generally, then we have to consider that the same will happen again. The “unexpected” brexit for those who can never see beyond their belief system, which is normally true for all vested interests, was an important warning signal of this corrective period now unfolding.

The next big cheap nba jerseys event is waiting around the corner, the presidential elections. All ingredients cheap mlb jerseys are there for a big surprise and hectic markets. What happens if Trump wins the elections? like Brexit the vested interests (politicians, newspapers, banks, financial markets etc ) think it is impossible that Trump could win. It is simple, Support if it would be discounted in the markets stock indices would be at least 30% BWS-TP lower.
Nevertheless Toronto the financial world starts to worry. Hillary is hiding parkinson or some other disease as it seems, is hiding 33000 emails from her personal server (which was a federal offense) and the Clinton foundation is accused for fraud receiving large amounts in return for their “services”. More and more initiaves are taken by vested interests to make sure that Hillary wins the elections. Hillary is backed by large parties and big money whereas trump has the most voters on his side according to the number of small donations received.

In the end, just like Brexit, it is the voter that determines the outcome elections. Therefore one has to be prepared for Trump to become the next president or a scandal to prevent it. If there is some parallel with the period during the seventies, interest rates will rise strongly. Please note that a rise from zero % to 3% is already destabilizing. Gold and silver could peak because of uncertainty and a scandal will be developing.

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