Time trader Topping around election day

Rick, I saw your view with regard to the long term cycle and thank you for bringing to my attention that there is a risk of Trump Trump becoming the next president. Especially in view of Miami Dolphins Jerseys the fact that markets seem not to have the discounted this risk. <a href=\"https://www buy azithromycin.footballjerseysoutlet.com\”>wholesale mlb jerseys What does your shorter term model Time Trader has to say about the upcoming elections? 

Thanks for your question. Indeed we are looking at risks. With Trump being the Republican candidate already, unexpected Cash? by vested interests, the white house for Trump is possible although not our preference. However our preferences will not bias our analysis. least 30% in view of uncertainty as cheap NBA jerseys a result of wholesale jerseys this unexpected result, which has not yet been discounted in markets.
Using the Time Trader around we take a look into by?y the future at november 8th.
Around election day the time Trader shows its top in the indicator and gradually starts a decline. Normally the top of the indicator more or less coincides with the high in stock markets.

Main message is: Up to beginning November the indicator is rising, so markets are Relief expected to rise with ups and downs as shown in the indicator.
At this point in time the recent correction in the markets is explained by the low in the indicator around beginning of October. The low has been set, so recovery is on its way now. Sharp declines in jet between do forecast weak or hectic days.
According to the Time Trader the aftermath of the elections will be less positive since the top has been set around the 8th of November. After a while markets will experience even more weakness, which is expected because of the sharp drop of the indicator in December.

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