Elliott Wave predicts rising markets BEFORE election day

What do you expect for the markets from an Elliott Wave perspective?

Clearly, looking through the magnifying glass of Elliott Wave, stock markets now are in a corrective wave, which has been preceded by a trending president wave. Because of the impulse wave UP before the corrective wave, the next wave will be up according to Elliott Wave.

This means that markets will go up before election day to complete a pattern necessary in all scenarios. See the chart below of the DAX index, where the yellow points out the correction mentioned.

EW dax14102016-2

The Conference only problem is…. When will it happen?

As we said earlier, Elliott Wave did not forecast Brexit correctly in spite of the fact that a corrective wave seemed to be completed wholesale jerseys at that point in time, paving the way for a strong uptrend. Nevertheless back then the correction became more complex and markets gapped down in a last C wave.

So, the coming months markets at day least have one more top to make in all Brexit scenarios provided Elliott Wave follows it’s own rules azithromycin dosage. This could complete an ending diagonal in wave 5 in the DAX, ending a long uptrend. The alternative is that it will end an upwards corrective Wave (B wave) which then will result in new lows. The problem with Elliott Wave is that one never knows how wholesale nba jerseys complex a correction will become nor at what TIME the pattern will be completed. This could well be before election day. If so, thereafter financial markets will experience a decline. On the other hand if the UP pattern has not yet been completed, around election day there is substantial less risk. We will addres this again a little while before Novembet 8th. For now enjoy the rise (with ups and downs) in financial markets.

As said, at the end of November, Time Trader shows the beginning ?? of a significant decline in the indicator wholesale nfl jerseys with acceleration later on. Let’s see what happens…

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